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Our industrial product range includes membrane switches, keypads, touchscreens and rotary switches designed to meet the most demanding, and often aggressive applications. Rest assured that WASP will have a design to suit.

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Membrane switch panels are custom designed and manufactured by WASP in a variety of different styles and types from a number of combinations using standard techniques.

Options include:

Flexible, where the polyester panel has a great deal of flexibility and provides both tactile or non-tactile operation using metal domes or rim embossing. Protection can be added in the form of UV or chemical resistant material, RFI screening or where environmental protection requires sealing to IP67 or similar. The membranes can be mounted onto a variety of base materials and can make use of interchangeable legends.

Rigid membranes which are be achieved by applying a graphics layer directly onto a pcb. This has theadvantage of allowing additional components and circuitry to be incorporated in the membrane.

WASP can also custom build to include the following: non tactile, tactile, tactile platform, embossed, RFI screening, windows, pcb backed membranes, connectors, illumination, back plates, rim embossing, surface texture, secret 'til lit and interchangeable legends.

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Silicone Rubber Keypads

WASP use numerous design options that can be used with each feature. Send your specifications to enable us to help with your design and production requirements.

Options include: front panel sealing, illumination, tactile feel, mounting, configurated, actuator, fitted bezel, legends.

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Touchscreens are a see-through interface between the user and the software being operated by the computer system. Often called an HMI - Human/Machine Interface - a touchscreen allows the equipment manufacturer or customer to control access to different levels as required. This could be for security reasons e.g. supervision only areas, or it might be used to lead customers to a special service.

WASP are the UK's only designers and manufacturers of resistive and capacitive screens. From our custom designed production unit in Emsworth Hants, close to our main manufacturing facility, we have a very experienced team of engineers who will design and manufacture touchscreens to your specific requirements. We can assist with all aspects of the design and installation of the screen.