About Us

Wessex Advanced Switching Products Limited (WASP) is a specialist electronics / engineering company based on the south coast of the UK. The company was formed in 1974 and today employs more than 100 people.

Initially, WASP designed and manufactured a range of customised rotary switches for use in professional applications including military communications. From the expertise gained, we expanded our product range to include custom designed membrane switches and specialist keypads and touch screens, for use in professional applications including defence, medical, food production and more recently the aviation industry.

In this market we have developed products as diverse as seat numbering to complete touchscreen suite controls and innovative low power cabin lighting systems. WASP have also developed and manufactured a "virtual window" using special screens and cameras. It is significant that most of the world's leading airlines are using WASP products to provide their customers with the ultimate flying experience.

We work closely with customers to develop highly engineered, customised solutions to meet their specific requirements and the quality and reliability of our products are key to our success. Many of our products are 100% tested at several stages during their production cycle to ensure their total quality and reliability.

WASP also offers a full Qualification and Certification service for products used in the aviation industry and is AS9100 Rev D certified.

Company Overview Flip Book

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